We have been producing hot air products for industrial needs for more than 45 years.

Heat Guns

The hot air welding tools and heat guns are suitable for plastic welding, shrinkage and shaping of plastic, welding work, vehicle repairs and much more. Thanks to the various hot air units and numerous additional nozzles, our professional hand tools can be used for processing thermoplastics.


The Forsthoff Oval-Q is a handy and modern hot air welding gun, which is used as a professional tool for welding, processing, shrinking and shaping a large number of thermoplastics.


Quick-L-electronic is a strong hot air tool that can be used by tarpaulin manufacturers, plastics manufacturers, floor installers, and many other users to weld thermoplastic materials.


An industrial designer created the distinctive, ergonomic handle that makes up the Quick-S-Electronic. The tool enables professional and fatigue-free welding due to its portability and light weight.


For various applications, we have put together expert sets of hand tools and accessories.


The handy and extremely powerful hot air hand welder from the new FORSTHOFF Oval-Line. For heavy and robust foils in roofing and landfill applications, high air performance coupled with strong 3000 W heating power and the 40mm wide slot nozzle.


The handy and extremely powerful hot-air welding device from the S-Line product line. Ergonomic and innovative design coupled with advanced technology for welding and processing thermoplastics and for welding landfill liners, pond liners and heavy tarpaulins with the 40mm attachment nozzle

Quick-L with heat stages

The Quick-L with heat stages is the handy, light and simple hot-air welding device for the tarpaulin fabricator. PVC tarpaulins are thus welded cost-effectively and efficiently.


The affordable, convenient, and simple hand welder for PVC tarpaulins that is used by the tarpaulin industry and car upholsterers.

Quick-L-electronic with recessed potentiometer

For apparatus engineering, tank construction, and specialized machines, there is a special version of the trusted hot air welder Quick-L-electronic with a recessed temperature potentiometer.