We have been producing hot air products for industrial needs for more than 45 years.


We offer the right accessories for every heat gun and hot air blower. A large number of nozzles in different designs, a universal tool case for our plastic welding devices and preparatory tools for a large number of applications.


Various wide slot nozzles, angle nozzles, tubular nozzles and nozzle adapters for our heat guns, welding guns and hot air blowers.

Speed welding nozzles

Our speed welding nozzles and tacking nozzles in a variety of sizes for processing plastic welding wire; can be slid onto a 5mm tubular nozzle or screwed onto an M10 nozzle adapter.

Tool case

High-quality and robust tool case made of plastic. Compatible with all of our heat guns, welding guns and hot air blower. With enough space for accessories such as nozzle tips, speed welding nozzles, pressure rollers and more. Easily transportable and stackable to save space.

General Accessories

From quarter-moon knive, hand groover, trimming knive, weld seam tester, seam trimmer and brass brushes, we offer everything you can use to cut, plane, check, lay and grout.