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General terms and conditions of repair

Conditions for repairs of hand welders, automatic welders and power tools.

In order to avoid misunderstandings during repair orders for electric hand welding machines and automatic welding machines, we would like to point out the following:

1.) When submitting a defective machine, the error must be described as precisely as possible. If necessary, it must be determined up to what amount a repair should be carried out immediately. In the case of warranty claims, the proof of purchase must be enclosed. Subsequent warranty claims can no longer be taken into account. Machines modified by the customer and any attached third-party components other than original Forsthoff GmbH parts will invalidate all warranty claims. Devices and machines that have already been dismantled will not be accepted for repair.

2.) The defective device or machine is checked by us. As a rule, they are disassembled for this purpose. The defects are communicated to the customer in a cost estimate. This cost estimate is subject to a fee and is non-binding. If the customer agrees to the repair, the service fees for the cost estimate shall be waived.
The customer decides whether the device or machine is to be

a.) replaced with a new unit,

b.) repaired,

c.) disposed of

d.) returned unrepaired.

3.) Partial repairs will not be carried out by us for safety reasons.

4.) If the machine is returned as a defective item, it will be returned in a disassembled state. In this case, the costs of the cost estimate and the return shipment will be charged, and if the machine was insufficiently packaged when it arrived, packaging costs will also be charged. If the machine is to be reassembled, the customer must bear the assembly costs incurred. For safety reasons, the cable is removed so that the machine cannot be put into operation. This can also be the case with machines which appear to be intact on the outside if they fail the safety test.

5.) If there is no response to a cost estimate for more than 3 months, we assume that the machine can be disposed of. The customer has no claim to the machine beyond this period.

6.) In any case, the devices must be sent to Forsthoff free of charge. Returns are at the risk of the customer.

7.) By submitting or sending a device or a machine for repair, the customer acknowledges the above conditions.

As of September 01, 2022