We have been producing hot air products for industrial needs for more than 45 years.

Industrial Hot Air Devices

Our industrial air heaters for professional use. Our hot air units are strong enough for continuous use in production lines and machinery for industrial production processes.

Type 3000-E

The industrial air heater type 3000-E is the optimal air heater for production processes. Our air heaters are durable and are suitable for continuous operation, for example in production machines

Type 3000

The Type 3000 air heater produces constant hot air in continuous operation. Despite providing strong hot air performance, the small and lightweight air heater enables integration into expert production processes.

Type 5000

The industrial air heater type 5000 produces constant hot air in continuous operation. The compact and lightweight air heater can be integrated into professional production processes despite its powerful hot air output.

Type 7500

The high performance air heater type 7500 is perfect for production processes. This air heater is powerful and can be used with up to 10kW in continuous operation.