We have been producing hot air products for industrial needs for more than 45 years.

Welding Guns

The hot air welding guns are appropriate for a variety of tasks, including container construction, plastic welding, shrinking and molding plastic and welding work. Our welding equipment has a wide range of applications due to the different welding guns and numerous additional nozzles.


The compact, lightweight MINI-electronic welding gun is ideal for tank builders and plastic fitters. The welding gun is ideal for external assembly operations when coupled with blower Oval-HB.


The hot air welding gun MINI-C-electronic with air and electrical supply combined in a hose package. For an external air supply the blower Oval-HB or a side channel compressor or compressor with pressure reducing valve can be used.

Blower Oval-HB

The powerful hot air blower Oval-HB for welding guns Available in a combination kit with our MINI-electronic and MINI-C-electronic welding guns.