We have been producing hot air products for industrial needs for more than 45 years.

Pressure rollers

For more than 45 years ago, we have produced our own silicone pressure rollers, PTFE pressure rollers, brass pressure rollers, and custom seal pressure rollers for a variety of applications and uses at our customers.

Silicone pressure rollers

Our specially manufactured silicone pressure rollers even out the smallest unevenness in the subsurface. They are highly elastic and temperature-resistant. With a comfortable lacquered wooden handle, our pressure rollers ensure flawless rolling.

PTFE pressure rollers

The non-stick PTFE pressure roller generates high contact pressure, while the roughened surface makes it very easy to guide. The high-quality PTFE also makes the roller easy to care for and heat-resistant.

Brass pressure rollers

: The brass pressure rollers for special applications, such as a convex pressure roller for roof coverings or a pressure roller for welding wire.

Pressure roller for custom seal

Our in-house manufactured pressure rollers for custom seals on truck tarpaulins (TIR)