We have been producing hot air products for industrial needs for more than 45 years.



powerful blower for welding guns

light and handy

external air source

also available in a combination kit with our MINI welding guns


The powerful hot air blower Oval-HB for welding guns. Available in a combination kit with our MINI-electronic and MINI-C-electronic.

The Forsthoff welding guns can be used with a small, portable welding gun on construction sites and in assembly areas thanks to the blower Oval-HB, which is a mobile, lightweight, and compact air supplier.

Strong 360 liters/minute air flow guarantees trouble-free air supply to the welding gun for quick and effective thermoplastic welding.

The Oval-HB motor, is a strong and user-friendly motor drive from the German Forsthoff production with shut-off carbon brushes to guard against harm to the collector after the carbons have been consumed. In this unit, the collector carbons can also be replaced multiple times. The carbon brush lifetime is over 1,500 hours.

The motor housing’s simple-to-remove filters make it simple to quickly clean them.

Technical specifications


230V; 120V

Frequency range:



Ø 235 x 95 mm, handle Ø 58 mm


1.0 kg with mains connection cable

Electrical safety:

II /     (Double insulated)


Art-Nr. 7025

Application areas

Manufacture of containers and plastic tanks

Plastic repair

Production of ventilation pipes

Soldering & desoldering of electronics and usage in electromechanics industry

Cable shrinkage

Use in mechanical engineering

Construction and repair of aquaculture and boats

Produced in Germany