We have been producing hot air products for industrial needs for more than 45 years.



Powerful hot air blower up to 3400 W

Easy to clean air filters

Strong air volume of 360 litres/minute

Carbon brush stop and heating element protection as automatic protective measures


The Oval-G hot air blower is a powerful heat gun with an output of up to 3400W. This hot air device can be heated to up to 700 °C with a continuously variable temperature setting. The powerful hot air blower produces an air volume of 360 liters/minute.

In addition, the Oval-G presents itself with a slightly oval-shaped and slim handle, which is very advantageous when holding the hand-held hot air blower. The filters are easy to clean by simply removing them from the handle. The carbon brushes have a cut-off mechanism to keep the motor from being damaged, also the brushes can be changed several times.

The hot air tool Oval-G has a heating capacity of either 3000 W / 3400 W 230 V or 2200 W 120 V. The constant and reliable electronics allow a stepless temperature adjustment up to 700 °C. The strong air flow of the double turbine system can be changed by various slip-on nozzles.

The simple and robust design of the device allows it to be used as a pure hand blower as well as for installation in various manufacturing processes, machines and conveyor belts. The hot air blower Oval-G is used wherever hot air flows are required for the purpose of heating, warming up, deforming, shrinking and activating.

Technical specifications


3000W 230V; 3400W 230V; 2200W 120V

Frequency range:



20-700 °C, infinitely adjustable


Ø 334 x 95 mm, handle Ø 58 mm


1.5 kg with 3m mains cable

Conformity mark


Protection class:

II /     (Double insulated)


Item no. 4021

Wide slot nozzle 150 x 1 mm

Item no. 4032

Wide slot nozzle 70 x 10 mm [only for version without heat protection]

Item no. 4022

Wide slot nozzle 150 x 10 mm

Item no. 4030

Wide slot nozzle 70 x 10 mm

Item no. 4031

Wide slot nozzle 70 x 4 mm

Item no. 7025

Tool case

Item no. 3064

Heating element 230V 3000W

Item no. 3065

Heating element 120V 2200W

Item no. 3049

Heating element 120V 2200W

Application areas

Installation in machines and on conveyor belts

Use for electromechanical work

Repair of plastic parts on automobiles and motorcycles

Shrinkage of heat-shrinkable hoses and packaging foils

Heating for forming thermoplastic semi-finished products

Drying of water-moist surfaces

Forming and sealing of blister packs

Deformation and machining of prostheses

Thawing of frozen water pipes

Removal of paints and varnish

Activating and releasing solvent-free adhesives and hot-melt adhesives

All types of drying and heating processes

Shrinkage of packaging films and moulded parts

Separation and fusion of synthetic threads and fabrics

Sterilization of packaging materials

Removal of plastic press burrs and shine of plastic surfaces

Produced in Germany