We have been producing hot air products for industrial needs for more than 45 years.


Various wide slot nozzles, angle nozzles, tubular nozzles and nozzle adapters for our heat guns, welding guns and hot air blowers.

Item no. 4000

Tubular nozzle 5mm

Item no. 4002

Wide slot nozzle 20mm

Item no. 4002.15

Angle nozzle 20mm, 15° push-fit

Item no. 4002.60

Angle nozzle 20mm, 60° push-fit

Item no. 4002.90

Angle nozzle 20mm, 90° push-fit

Item no. 4003

Wide slot nozzle 40mm

Item no. 4003.60

Angle nozzle 40mm, 60° push-fit

Item no. 4004

Wide slot perforated nozzle 40mm

Item no. 4005

Tubular nozzle 15mm

Item no. 4007

Nozzle Adapter for M10 screw-fit nozzles

Item no. 4008

Nozzle Adapter for M14 screw-fit nozzles

Item no. 4060

Wide slot nozzle 60mm

Item no. 4090

Wide slot nozzle 90mm

Item no. 9701

Tubular nozzle 5mm, re-inforced

Item no. 4000.V

5mm tubular elongated 150mm nozzle

Item no. 5016

Spoon reflector

Item no. 4021

Wide slot nozzle 150 x 1 mm

Item no. 4022

Wide slot nozzle 150 x 10 mm

Item no. 4030

Wide slot nozzle 70 x 10 mm

Item no. 4031

Wide slot nozzle 70 x 4 mm

Item no. 4032

Wide slot nozzle 75 x 2 mm