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Optimal welding machine for advertising banners and car tarpaulins

Speed and temperature infinitely adjustable

Economic and user friendly

Can also be used for overlap welding, seam welding and piping welding


The Forsthoff-P2 is the manoeuvrable and lightweight hot air automatic welding machine ideal for advertising banners and car tarpaulins. Also suitable for overlap, hem and keder welding of tarpaulins made of PVC, PE or PP.

The FORSTHOFF-P2 welding machine is the efficient and manoeuvrable universal device for welding truck tarpaulins, tents, awning fabrics and advertising banners. The hot air welding machine produces overlap seams of 20, 30, 40 and 45 mm and can also be converted for welding in keder/pipe ropes. The machine can also be used to produce hems of 20 mm and 30 mm and 40 mm and 45 mm by simply fitting the hem welding accessory. Accessories for keder welding, roof welding and tape welding are also available for this machine.

The heating power of up to 4000 W 230 V AC can be adjusted to any temperature from 20 to 700 °C and can therefore be adapted to suit different materials. After the welding head has been pivoted in, the FORSTHOFF-P2 starts up automatically. Furthermore, the infinitely variable speed setting of the advanced motor generation with a running performance of up to 18 meters/min., in conjunction with the holding-down device, ensures wrinkle-free welding, that is to say an optimum welding result. The tarpaulin is also held securely in place by a three-point support.

Thanks to a new generation of nozzles, tarpaulin fabrics can be welded at a speed of up to 11 meters/min . Furthermore, the device has a stable carrying handle and a telescopic guide handle which can be individually adjusted to the size of the user. The agile and narrow housing design is ideally suited for the use of the FORSTHOFF-P2 in the car tarpaulin and advertising banner sector.

Technical specifications


230V; 120V


3400W 230V (at 20mm/30mm),
4000W 230V (at 40mm/45mm);
2200W 120V


50/60 Hz


20 - 700°C


Length 535 mm, width 280 mm, height 350 mm (without guide handle)


23.9 kg incl. weight and handle

Conformity mark


Protection class:

II / 


Item no. 1116P2

Overlap welding nozzle 20mm

Item no. 1119P2

Roof welding nozzle 40mm

Item no. 12900P2

Overlap welding nozzle 30mm

Item no. 1118P2

Roof welding nozzle 45mm

Item no. 12910P2

Overlap welding nozzle 40mm

Item no. 1117P2

Overlap welding nozzle 45mm

Item no. 1091P2

Conversion kit to 50mm tape welding

Item no. 1114P2

Nozzle adjustment gauge

Item no. 11240P2

Pipe/Keder welding kit

Item no. 1109P2

Hem kit 40mm + 45mm

Item no. 1113P2

Hem kit 20mm + 30mm

Item no. 3058P2T

Heating element 230V 3400W

Item no. 3059P2T

Heating element 230V 4000W

Application areas

Advertising banner welding

Welding of truck tarpaulins and tent tarpaulins

Protective cover welding

Welding of pond foils and pool waterproofing

Plastic fabrics welding

Awning and wind blocker welding

Welding of roof coverings

Produced in Germany