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Optimal welding machine for tarpaulin processors and master saddlers

Robust design, reliable and user-friendly

Can be used on the table and floor

With accessories for overlap welding, seam welding, keder welding and tape welding


The semi-automatic welding machine FORSTHOFF-P is ideal for overlap welding, seam welding and keder welding. Available for 20mm, 30mm, 40mm and 45mm wide welds.

For welding truck panels, tents, and awning fabrics, the Forsthoff-P automatic welding machine is the effective and portable option. It can also be modified for welding in pipe and keder ropes and creates overlap seams of 20, 30, 40, or 45 mm. It is also easy to use this machine to produce hems of 20 mm and 30 mm and of 40 mm and 45 mm by fitting a hem welding accessory.

The heating power of up to 4000 W 230 V AC can be adjusted continuously from 20 to 700 °C and can therefore be adjusted to suit different materials. A three-point support also ensures that the tarpaulin is securely pressed down. Tarpaulin fabrics can now be welded at up to 11 meters per minute using a new generation of nozzles.

The tarpaulin welding tool also has a reliable carrying handle and a plush guide handle. The manoeuvrable and narrow housing design is perfect for using the Forsthoff-P in the car tarpaulin sector.

Technical specifications




3300W; 3500W; 4000W


50/60 Hz


20 - 700°C


Length 590 mm, width 220 mm, height 290 mm (without guide handle)


19.5 kg with connection cable without handle

Conformity mark


Protection class:

II / 


Item no. 1116P2

Overlap welding nozzle 20mm

Item no. 12900P2

Overlap welding nozzle 30mm

Item no. 12910P2

Overlap welding nozzle 40mm

Item no. 1117P2

Overlap welding nozzle 45mm

Item no. 1091

Conversion kit to 50mm tape welding

Item no. 1114P2

Nozzle adjustment gauge

Item no. 11240

Pipe/Keder welding kit

Item no. 1109

Hem kit 40mm + 45mm

Item no. 1113

Hem kit 20mm + 30mm

Item no. 3057

Heating element 230V 3300W

Item no. 3058

Heating element 230V 3500W

Item no. 3059

Heating element 230V 4000W

Application areas

Car upholstery

Tarpaulin manufacturer

Tent manufacturer

Recreational and outdoor equipment

Produced in Germany